• Web eProcurement Software
  • Simple setup – little training
  • Fully characteristic eProcurement suite



  • FMS is a family/ group of services integrated and designed under one roof to make use of the resources more efficiently and gain more valuable returns.
  • FMS will minimize your tensions, save time, reduce costs, improve the quality of your planning better decision in critical information.
  • MLIPL vest its skilled workforce for your mission critical day to day activities at your office.
  • Engineers and equipment are kept on standby to address the exigent needs of the customer, thereby providing prompt service to mission-critical system.
  • MLIPL FMS ensures that the hardware and software is utilized to its maximum potential and the downtime is reduced considerably.
  • These services allow the customer a significant degree of flexibility in configuring the appropriate support arrangements to suit the business.

FMS includes the following major areas of Information Technology.

  • Server Management.
  • Network Management
  • Hardware Management
  • OS / Software Management
  • IT infra Management
  • Technical support

NOTE: Information Technology remains an unprecedented & inevitable aspect in every sector. Sometimes by employing an IT staff can sought out the problem but troubleshooting is must. Obvious solution for the troubleshooting is required. Always undermined by the enterprises resulting in slash in productivity by wastage of Time & Money. MLIPL offers the most effective solution for the points mentioned above.

MLIPL offering key benefits:

  • Better service levels at lower overall cost.
  • Ability to re-allocate budget to meet business requirements.
  • Higher system ROI (Return on Investment) by extending usability.
  • Ability to provide or supplement in-house maintenance/ IT upgrades.
  • Skilled Workforce in cross-platform environments.
  • Honest and reliable repair service.
  • Immediate solution to all IT problems.

In full time resident engineer services, MLIPL place skilled engineer at customer's location as per customer's time schedule.

In half day resident engineer services, we depute an engineer either six days half days or three full days a week as desired by the customer.

We also customize resident engineer services according to customer requirements for e.g. once a week or twice a week, full day, Half day etc.